2010 oil paintings

2010 oil paintings by me – as i prommised


Get details and more info … Art in a globe – upgrade

Please support so we can start painting …

Thank you !


Art in a Globe



Art In A Globe – 196 paintings gallery

Hi there here is my poll as i promise – i have choosen the first country that i have in my stats
Please indicate other country and i will add !

Please vote so i can start painting as you want !

Best Regards and the most visited win 🙂



Hi there folks ,

I was struggling how can i choose what paint to be first – which country to be the first .
Looking at the stats from my new blog – the project blog , i am thinking to select the country from where are the most of my visitor – and also i am trying to create a poll to see where the votes are getting into …
any ideeas ????


2 Days |
All time

Country Views
Spain FlagSpain 129
Romania FlagRomania 67
Singapore FlagSingapore 55
United States FlagUnited States 32
Finland FlagFinland 31
Canada FlagCanada 10
Italy FlagItaly 1


this one is working on progress …


World in a paint

Art in a Globe project started 1 day ago , hope to get more support .

Here is my project :



Some of the paintings i have since age of 16 – 17 years old :)

I will update in 2 3 days all the paintings i have so you can think about 🙂
Any support is welcome : google + , comments so on .

Thank you !




World In A Paint

28 year old painter , first paintings at the age of 12 – living for painting . Painting for living .

Hi there , my name is Alex and i am from Romania . I am starting this project because i am trying to get the most important thing in my life finished .

I want to create a 196 paintings gallery with the theme of world entire countries in an artistic exposure – each country will have it’s symbolic representation and will be made in an traditional way .

The project calculation was made by the following :

First : materials needed for all paintings – canvas , oils , paints , inks and so on ..

Second : time needed for job completion –

Third : i am discussing with an art gallery in NY so i can present entire collection in there – so plane ticket , meals , paintings shipping and accomodation for 3 or 5 days .

I am planing to finish the work untill january or february 2013 so i can setting up the gallery in march 2013 .

This project i need to be funded with donations from people like you. Even a pence help me anyway a little more is better and you will be rewarded with unique paintings ideal for gifts or for your wall . Think that is a part of you and a big part of me .  Little people get bigger with a little help !

All things look as impossible at the beginning , each one of us has it’s own problems , i know , but if you can take a look and see what is inside the ideea you know that this is a wonderfull thing .


The ideea behind the job – everyone must get know all the world – we breath same air no ? Get behind the paintings and the traditions and get inside each country – see the world from your city !

Please share the dream and get involved in ! Share to your friends !

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